The Genius of God's Handiwork


As a fuzz-faced college freshman searching for my future, I squinted through a microscope at minuscule blood vessels in a frog's foot. Red blood cells laden with nutrients and oxygen crowded into capillaries with white cells searching for bacteria and viruses. The lifegiving fluid then flowed back toward the heart and lungs to be purified before starting the process again. I stared awestruck at the silent symphony of life being orchestrated before me.

My professor asked me to scratch that foot area gently with a straight pin. The pin caused immediate chaos! Blood escaped through ragged tears in the capillary walls and flowed everywhere. But then sticky clots formed on the injured areas, sealing the leaks. Circulation resumed.

Amazing! I breathed deeply. It has to be creation! Looking up from my microscope, I gazed out the window, searching the clouds for my Creator. That experience solidly fixed my faith in God and started me on my journey to become a surgeon.

I'm still amazed when life-threatening conditions are healed by mechanisms that God has built into the human body. In the abdomen, for example, God has placed a guard, the omentum, on 24-hour duty. When chemically signaled, the omentum migrates toward inflamed trouble spots, such as appendicitis, wrapping itself around the problem to avoid a disastrous rupture. "Fearfully and wonderully made"(1)? Absolutely!

God could have created us so that we always healed automatically, and we would have no responsibility for our own health. But he gave us a role, and we watch our diet and exercise. He has given us a role in our spiritual journey too.

When our spirits are wounded, and hemorrhaging begins, God reminds us of His prescribed remedies, His scriptural promises for each obstacle that we encounter. When I catch myself worrying and fretting, I am nudged by God's promise to give me "the peace...which transcends all understanding."(2) When I am struggling with an enticing temptation, God has promised not to allow me to "be tempted beyond what (I) can bear."(3) When I am wrestling with a difficult decision, He will make my path straight if I trust in Him with all my heart.(4)

After simply scratching that frog's foot, I watched in fascination the genius of God's handiwork as the healing began. Every time we get even a minor scratch, we benefit from God's magnificent gift of life. Nevertheless, we all know that some day our inborn physical healing will finally fail us. When that time comes, God will wrap us securely in the treatment prescribed on the cross--always a triumphant cure.


(1)Psalm 139:14,NIV. (2)Philippians 4:7,NIV. (3)I Corinthians 10:13, NIV. (4)Proverbs 3:5-6. Bible verses marked NIV are taken by permission from The Holy Bible, New International Version, copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado